We design, create and implement software necessary for effective operation
in the E-Commerce / E-Business area

We focus on flexibility, simplicity of use, reliability and speed of operation of designed solutions.

We are a team with several years of experience in the design of advanced IT systems. We have experience in international projects. We feel very good in the areas of E-Commerce / B2B / B2C, CRM, CMS, SCM, Warehouse data / BI, Integrations, EDI

We know and like Microsoft technology.

Our experience

E-Commerce B2B & B2C

We create online services to strengthen partner (B2B) and consumer (B2C) cooperation


We create solutions for customer relationship management, suppliers, content publication, product portfolio management and supply chain.


We design advanced databases with analytics and IT systems integration using EDI, SOAP, WebServices and XML documents.

Trust our experience

We had been architects of Front & Back Office systems in a very large international IT company for almost 20 years, .

In the area of sales, purchases and logistics, we have designed and implemented an international E-Commerce system. That solution is available in several language versions, made available to several thousand companies and used by tens of thousands of users in many countries - and it is the main sales channel and customer relationship management system.

As part of integrated E-Commerce architecture (InterLink Platform) we created the following systems:
  • InterLink - system for IT resellers.
  • IntraLink - system for managing resellers and partners within the organization.
  • BiznesLink - purchasing platform for end customers of IT products managed by the reseller network.
  • PC Link / ResellerWeb - online stores platform.
  • SCM - an international system for product portfolio management and supply chain management. The system managed a several hundred thousand product portfolio targeting many sales markets. The system was used by several hundred people and several dozen partner companies in many countries.
  • RMA - international system for handling customer complaints RMA.
  • SOLP - system for handling and dispatching waybills.
  • BI - OLAP data warehouse and reporting systems.
  • A system for managing rebates and price protection that affect the company's profit margins.
  • A platform for creating, generating and delivering automatic reports for business partners.
  • Applications for mobile data collectors.

Databases contained more than a dozen thousand objects (tables, views, stored procedures, functions, indexes). The web application layers had several thousands files and classes.

By creating and developing advanced systems, we conducted dozens of complex integrations between various platforms using XML, EDI, EDIFACT, MS SQL SSIS, and Comarch ECOD Connector. We have combined systems with MS SQL databases from 2000 to 2014 and DB400 on the AS400 platform.

We have experience in integration of forwarding systems (leading market players DHL, UPC, Poczta Polska and other service providers), We've integrated online stores with online payment systems PayU , Google search engine, a Ceneo price comparison, an Amazon trade platform etc.

Due to the scale of solutions, the designed systems using high-availability technologies (network load balancing, database failover clusterring, etc.) and required the design of efficient architecture on the front-end, application server and database.

Who we are? Meet our team!

Our passion is combining the latest technologies with your needs. Let's grow together!

Artur Halarewicz

Software architect

Artur Jakubiak

Software architect

Bartosz Machocki

Software architect

Daniel Gromysz

Senior developer

Marcin Buchwejc

Senior developer

Adam Matuszczak

Senior developer



Web applications, WebServices, WCF...



jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap...



Databases - design, optimization, migration...



design of data warehouse and reporting systems based on MS Analysis Services (SSAS, SSIS) and reporting systems...

Our projects

We lead, manage, implement!

B2B Core Platform

B2B Core Platform features:

  • Internal, external and public parts
  • All clients, salesmans, potential clients work on the same system and on the same data
  • Integration with any ERP
  • The platform supports many organizations, many companies, many sales currencies, many warehouses and many languages of the system's content
  • Built-in pricing policy management based on price categories
  • Managing multiple product hierarchy
  • Rich technical descriptions of products and pricelists filtering according to these attributes
  • In the internal version, access to sales statistics related to the product
  • Configurable way of presenting the product on the external service
  • The ability to integrate clients with the system through the Gateway
  • The possibility of integration with suppliers' systems


Nelro Data   -   Nelro Data - IT distributor

Lens Design System

Lens Design System features:

  • Software that calculates eyeglass lenses on the basis of given parameters
  • FreeForm technology, enabling the production of custom-made lenses
  • Individual glass optimization possible for a specific user

We had realized and successfully implemented many systems.

Some examples:

  • projects related to the development of InterLink Platform solutions
  • projects related to the design, customization and implementation of E-Commerce solutions on various sales markets (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Germany)
  • projects related to the expansion of the business model: automatic sales and purchases from many distribution centers, sales from dispersed and foreign warehouses, etc.
  • bonus systems for sales or marketing departments integrated with company data warehouses
  • reporting systems based on dedicated tools or OLAP multidimensional analysis
  • projects integrating systems based on EDI, XML and own standards
  • projects related to currency conversion on a given sales market (conversion of currencies in Slovakia and Lithuania)
  • designing an intranet based on the SharePoint> platform
  • project repository

The projects are most often carried out using agile methodologies, like Scrum or Kanban , but also traditional like waterfall.

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